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Nampa City Council Seat 6
"I want to move Nampa continually forward and help improve the quality of life we enjoy."
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Maybe it’s the hometown feel, small enough to where one can still feel like an individual but big enough to meet the needs and wants of its citizens. Maybe it’s the fantastic outdoor recreational opportunities available within and without its borders. Maybe it’s the many churches and civic organizations that provide countless volunteers hours. Maybe it’s the weather, wide open spaces, a unique and historic downtown core, NNU, the Idaho Center, the Rec Center or Wilson ponds.

I think it’s all of these and more that makes Nampa such a special place. But most important it is the people that make Nampa what it is. This is why I choose to raise my family here and why I have chosen to run for city council. I want to move Nampa continually forward and help improve the quality of life we enjoy. 
Nampa really is a special place. For some growing up here they probably couldn’t wait to move out and make it in the world but soon realizing they couldn’t wait to move back. There is something that draws people to this part of the Treasure Valley... be it those who have left or those who have never lived here before.